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Image Viewer Tutorial: Part 7

Application Architecture

After talking so much time about functionality, its time to step back and look at the whole picture, the application architecture in general.

A simple application has been created with some screens. A screen is identified as a widget or a dialog. The phone UI consists of a title area on the top and a soft menu bar at the bottom. The image Viewer application fills the central area.

A QStackedWidget is used as the central widget to manage the different screens. The screens are lazily created and added to the stack. Calling setCurrrentWidget(...) on the stack make a screen visible. The softmenubar labels can be changed by using: QSoftMenuBar::setLabel().

Every screen comes with a set of actions and a menu. In order to navigate back, hard-coded screens are used as target.

Other applications can now be created and it is probable that most of them would be similar to this application. This makes a good candidate for a pattern.

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