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Tutorial: Mouse Pointer Calibration

This tutorial describes how to calibrate a pointer for touch screen devices. For information about adding a new mouse driver see : Qtopia Core Pointer Handling.


Qtopia contains built-in support for calibration but it is disabled by default on almost all platforms. To enable calibration support:

  1. Use a touch screen pointer driver that supports calibration, such as the TPanel driver.

    This configuration will add the Recalibrate application to the devices settings list.

    A working /etc/pointercal must be shipped with any touchscreen device, as calibrate no longer runs at first use.

  2. To support a calibrated touch screen, PrimaryInput=Touchscreen must included in the [Device] group of the defaultbuttons.conf see Device Profiles

To manually start the calibration on a Qtopia phone device, run:

    qcop service send Launcher "execute(QString)" "calibrate"

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