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User Input Processing

These classes provide interfaces to user input.

QDawgStorage of words in a Directed Acyclic Word Graph
QDeviceButtonRepresents a user-programmable button on a Qtopia device
QDeviceButtonManagerManages device button mappings
QIMActionDescriptionWay to define a QAction for a QtopiaInputMethod in the QSoftMenuBar QMenu
QIMPenCharHandles a single character for the stroke recognition libraries
QIMPenCharSetMaintains a set of related characters
QSoftMenuBarAllows the labels in the phone soft menu bar to be set
QSpeedDialAccess to the Speed Dial settings
QSpeedDialListList widget for editing Speed Dial entries
QTextEntryProxyText entry widget for overlaying list widgets
QtopiaInputMethodDescribes the minimum interface that an input method plug-in must provide

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