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WebAccessService Class Reference

Provides the Qtopia WebAccess service. More...

    #include <WebAccessService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Public Slots

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Detailed Description

Provides the Qtopia WebAccess service.

The WebAccess service enables applications to access the web browser installed on the device.

Member Function Documentation

void WebAccessService::clearSession ()   [slot]

Clear the current session's navigation history and remove the currently displayed Web page.

This is used by SIM toolkit applications to implement the "Close the existing browser session and launch new browser session" functionality required by 3GPP TS 11.14. This service call will be immediately followed by a call to openURL() to specify the new URL to display.

This slot corresponds to the QCop service message WebAccess::clearSession().

See also QSimToolkit and openURL().

void WebAccessService::openURL ( const QString & url )   [slot]

Retrieve the resource specified by url and either display it to the user, invoke further services to display the resource, or notify the user that no facility exists for displaying the resource. If the resource cannot be retrieved, the service notifies the user.

If url is an empty string, the user's default home page should be shown.

This slot corresponds to the QCop service message WebAccess::openURL(QString).

See also clearSession().

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