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QML InputContext Element

Provides access to the split-view input's height and visibility. More...

This element was introduced in Qt Quick Components 1.1.


Detailed Description

An input context is exposed as a context property named inputContext. It is not possible to instantiate a InputContext object in QML, but the inputContext must be accessed through the context property.

Basic Usage

 Item {
     id: splitViewInput
     anchors { bottom: parent.bottom; left: parent.left; right: parent.right }
     height: inputContext.visible ? inputContext.height : 0
     Behavior on height { PropertyAnimation { duration: 200 } }

See also Entering Text with Split-view Input.

Property Documentation

height : real

The split-view input's height in pixels. The value changes when the orientation changes.

visible : bool

The split-view input's visibility. The value changes when the split-view input appears and disappears.