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QML ListItemText Element

Symbian: Provides styled fonts for ListItem and ListHeading elements. More...

This element was introduced in Qt Quick Components 1.0.


Detailed Description

See also ListItem and ListHeading.

Property Documentation

mode : string

The mode property can be used to bind the mode of the ListItemText object to the mode of the parent object (ListItem). The benefit of this is that the ListItemText will be updated with the same mode as the parent object when the parent's mode changes. For example, there could be a different font or font color when the parent ListItem is pressed or when it is disabled. See the ListItem documentation for an example how to do the binding.

The text that is displayed in the ListItemText object is rendered according to the mode property. The available modes are:

  • "normal" - list item text in its usual state, not pressed or disabled or highlighted
  • "pressed" - list item is pressed so text corresponds to that mode
  • "highlight" - list item text is highlighted
  • "disabled" - list item text is disabled

platformInverted : bool


If platformInverted is true, the component is visualized with the inverted style. For more information, see Using Inverted Style with Symbian Components. By default platformInverted is false.

This property group was introduced in Qt Quick Components 1.1.

role : string

The role propery of a ListItemText object indicates how the text will be styled when the text is displayed. Actual font, color and size is based on the Symbian style. The available roles are:

  • "Title"
  • "Subtitle"
  • "Heading"
  • "SelectionTitle"
  • "SelectionSubTitle"