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Building Qt Quick Components for Symbian from Source

Qt Quick Components for Symbian Libraries

The Qt Quick Components are hosted in Qt Components Repository and can be built from the sources.

Building the Qt Quick Components for Symbian

These instructions detail how to build Qt Quick Components for Symbian from the source. The instructions work for the different ### link? platforms.

First, open up the command line, with the Qt tools in the system path. The QTDIR variable needs to point to the Qt binaries. The configure script will check and configure the Makefile based on the version of qmake and Qt found in the path. The Qt SDK for Windows has command prompts for different targets and the path is already set. The Visual Studio command prompt needs to have the Qt binary in its path.

On Windows, the 'Qt 4.7.3 for Desktop (MinGW)' prompt sets the QTDIR variable to:


Note: These instructions were written for the MinGW that came with the Qt SDK for Windows. The instructions are similar for Linux, Mac OS, or the Visual Studio tools; simply replace mingw32-make with make or nmake.

In the Qt Quick Components repository root:

 configure -symbian

After the configure step, run these two commands:

 mingw32-make install

These commands will install the Qt Quick Components for Symbian libraries into the directories where Qt may find them.


Building the Documentation

The Symbian documentation is generated by running the following commands after the configuration step:

 mingw32-make docs

The documentation will reside in doc/html. In addition, a qch file will be generated and placed in doc/qch. Qt Creator and Qt Assistant can load the documentation by importing the qch file.