Qt Reference Documentation

Functional List of Symbian Components

This is a list of all the Symbian components grouped into functional groups.

Basic Interactive Components

Interactive components allow the application to receive input or user interaction.

These interactive components allow user input such as text.

Interactive components may be placed along a column or row. Columns and rows allow interactive components to be exclusively marked.

Application and Windowing

These components provide hardware and system information to the application. These also provide the high level application QML containers.


Indicators provide visual cues and other information to the user.

Page and Page Stack Navigation

Applications may utilize a stack based navigation, consisting of linked pages.

Menu and Menu Items

Applications may employ menus to provide options to the user.


Symbian applications utilize dialogs for navigation and for providing objects for user interaction.


These components attach to flickable items to provide screen navigation to large items.


Lists provide flexible methods of displaying data.

Tab Navigation

Symbian applications may utilize tabs to navigate between items.


A tool bar provides a container for displaying items.

Extras Components

These components are not loaded with the com.nokia.symbian plugin. They may be imported using com.nokia.extras import statement.