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What's New in the Qt Quick Components for Symbian Release

What's new in 1.1

Qt Quick Components 1.1 for Symbian uses Qt Quick 1.1, which creates a hard dependency to the Qt 4.7.4. The new QtQuick version brings some improvements including QML revision control, performance optimizations and some bug fixes. Also the new version includes Right-to-left Support which is needed in some language variants.

One of the most visible addition is the Inverted Style. All the visual components introduce the platformInverted property, which controls the visual appearance of the component. See Using Inverted Style with Symbian Components for more information.

Qt Quick Components 1.1 for Symbian replaces the full screen software input panel with a split-view input.

Also some new components are added:

  • Label helps to show a plain text. It fetches the color and the font from the style automatically for you.
  • InputContext is used to determine the area needed for the split-view input.
  • SearchBox can be used to filter items in a list view. The component is in the Extras module.
  • PageStackWindow provides a main window with the page stack support for an application. It is recommended to use this component instead of the experimental ApplicationWindow component.