Qt Simulator Manual 1.2.0

Quick Tour

This section describes the Qt Simulator interface.

"Qt Simulator Control dialog"

Qt Simulator displays a device with the application open on the screen. To interact with the application, use the mouse and keyboard. To move the device window, drag the device frame.

The Qt Simulator Control dialog provides the following controls:

  • Menu - Open Qt Simulator views.
  • Quick access buttons - Check how the application handles changes in device state, such as battery level, network mode, signal strength, and power state. Run your favorite scripts.
  • Views - Adjust the properties of the simulated device, manage applications running on Qt Simulator, and see how the application looks on different devices.

To filter views, enter a setting name into the search field.

"Search field and Advanced settings button"

Click the "Advanced button" button on the title bar of a view to show advanced and rarely used settings.


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