Qt Simulator Manual 1.2.0

Testing Applications Using the Qt Mobility Service Framework

The Qt Service Framework defines a unified way of finding, implementing and accessing services across multiple platforms.

A service is an independent component that allows a client to perform a well-defined operation. Clients can find services based on their name and version as well as the interface that is implemented by the service object. Once the service has been identified, the framework starts the service and returns a pointer to it. Services are implemented as plugins.

You can use the service framework to unify and access multiple platform specific service implementations via the same Qt-based client application. However, the service database is not shared between desktop applications and applications compiled for the Qt Simulator. Therefore, to test client applications using the service framework on Qt Simulator, you must use the servicefw command-line application to register a service.

To tell Qt where to look for plugins, either add them to the search path by calling QCoreApplication::addLibraryPath() or set the QT_PLUGIN_PATH.


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