Qt SDK 1.2

Installing Qt SDK

You can download Qt SDK from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads. The site provides download links for all supported development platforms. You can either choose to use the online installer or to directly download the installation package on a media for installation on a computer later.

We recommend that you use the online installer if you have reliable network access, because it provides you with automatic updates to installed content and easy access to all content that is added later. If you use the offline installer, you must check for updates yourself. Also, the offline installer does not contain the Maemo tool chain or tool chains for some Symbian devices, such as S60 5th Edition Qt 4.7.3 and Symbian Belle 4.7.4.

Selecting Installation Options

Select the Default installation option if you want to use the latest released Qt version to develop applications for the desktop and latest Symbian devices.

If you develop applications only for the desktop or a specific mobile platform, such as Maemo or MeeGo Harmattan, select the Custom installation option and then select the targets and tools to install.

You can use the Qt SDK Maintenance Tool to add any Qt SDK component later.

Note: Experimental targets and tools are not included in the Default installation. Select the Custom installation option to install them or use the Qt SDK Maintenance Tool to add them later.