Qt SDK 1.2

What Is New

This update of the Qt SDK brings you new versions of the following components:

  • Final Qt 4.8 for desktop release that delivers Qt Quick 1.1, Qt platform abstraction, Qt WebKit 2.2, and threaded OpenGL. For more information about deprecated items and additions to the Qt API, see What's New in Qt 4.8.
  • Update to the MeeGo Harmattan tool chain.
  • Update to the Symbian Complementary Package that delivers the Analyze Tool plugin in Qt Creator 2.4 and adds the CODA 1.0.6 installation package (which will co-exist with version 1.0.5).
  • Qt Creator 2.4.1 bug fix update to Qt Creator 2.4.0 that introduced new editor functions, such as refactoring actions and specifying and sharing editor settings more flexibly.
  • Mobility examples for MeeGo Harmattan and Symbian that are integrated to the Qt Creator Welcome mode. The examples cover a wide set of the Mobility API features, such as maps and Bluetooth.
  • An update to Notifications API that improves the end user experience and fixes issues in the Nokia N9 implementation of the API.
  • A new feature has been added to the Qt SDK Installer that enables you to specify network proxy settings.

Use the Qt SDK Updater to update the components. For more information, see Updating Installed Components.