Qt SDK 1.2


Qt SDK includes the tools you need to build desktop, embedded, and mobile applications with Qt from a single installation package. The Qt SDK self-updater feature keeps your installation up to date as new versions are made available.

You can select to install the following targets and tools:

  • Development Tools
    • Tool chains for developing applications for the desktop (available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS)
    • MADDE tool chains for developing applications for Maemo and MeeGo Harmattan devices (available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS)
    • Symbian tool chains for developing applications for Symbian devices (only available on Windows)
      • Symbian C++ for Qt APIs that are included in Qt SDK for your convenience. However, we recommend that you use the Mobility API functions whenever you can, and only use the Symbian C++ APIs to implement any missing functions (only available on Windows)
      • Utility applications, such as Nokia Energy Profiler and Nokia Performance Manager, example applications, and demos, that you can install on Symbian devices (only available on Windows)
      • Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian that makes it easier for users to install Qt applications to Symbian phones by checking whether the device contains the necessary software and by installing the missing pieces. This helps keep the size of the installation package down (only available on Windows)
      • Qt Quick Components for Symbian that allow you to build user interfaces with the native Symbian look and feel. The components allow the interface to accept user input and provide feedback indicators
    • Qt Creator integrated development environment (IDE)
    • Qt Simulator for testing Mobility API functions
    • Qt Assistant
    • Qt Designer
    • Qt Linguist
  • APIs
    • Notifications API for adding push lightweight notifications to your applications. This keeps the attention of the user on the applications, and optimizes the application bandwidth and battery use
    • Qt Mobility API for building a variety of applications and services that are mobile capable or familiar to mobile users, irrespective of whether the platform is mobile or not

      Note: Nokia N900 comes with Qt Mobility 1.0.2 preinstalled. If you want to publish applications on Nokia Store for Nokia N900, only use Qt Mobility classes and functions that are compatible with version 1.0.2.

  • Documentation
  • Remote compilation service that provides a simple, standardized environment for building Qt applications and creating installation packages for Symbian, Maemo, and MeeGo Harmattan devices

Supported Platforms

You can develop applications for the following platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Qt Simulator
  • Maemo 5
  • MeeGo Harmattan
  • Symbian

The following table summarizes operating system support for developing applications for mobile device platforms.

Operating systemPlatform
DesktopQt SimulatorMaemo 5MeeGo HarmattanSymbian
LinuxYesYesYesYesYes (by using Remote Compiler for building)
Mac OS XYesYesYesYesYes (by using Remote Compiler for building)