Qt SDK 1.2

Deploying Qt Applications to Symbian Devices

You can run Qt applications on Symbian devices if the software that Qt applications require (typically Qt, Qt Mobility, QtWebkit, and Open C) is installed on the device. On Symbian Anna and later devices, some version of Qt is pre-installed. On earlier devices, you must install the modules that Qt applications require.

If the device does not have the necessary Qt libraries pre-installed, you can use Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian to deploy them during application installation. Smart Installer ensures that the necessary libraries are available in the target Symbian device before installing the actual application. For more information about which Qt modules are supported on-demand for different Symbian device models, see Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian.

For this to work, the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian must be packaged with the Qt application into a wrapper package. The application SIS file must first be signed. The capabilities used in the applications determine, which signing option must be selected. The wrapper package must be signed using either the same option or a more extensive option than the application SIS. This means that if you use Certified signed to sign the application SIS, you must use it also to sign the wrapper package.

Such a binary ensures that up-to-date and appropriate versions of Qt and its dependencies are installed on devices. Further, it reduces the file size of the application you publish.

For more information about the Nokia Smart Installer, see the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual.

Note: Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is only available on Windows. If you develop on Linux or Mac OS, you can use the Remote Compiler to create SIS packages and wrap them with Nokia Smart Installer.

Publishing Applications to Nokia Store

You can use the Application Signing Services for Nokia Store process to get your application Express Signed for free by Nokia. For more information, see Guide to Publishing Qt Applications to the Nokia Store.

For more information about how to use Qt Creator to create installation packages for Symbian devices, see the following topics in the Qt Creator Manual: Deploying Applications to Symbian Devices and Publishing Applications to Nokia Store.