Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Accessing the Internet

Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian tries to automatically select the appropriate internet access point. If the access point cannot be determined automatically, the user is prompted to select one. By default, Smart Installer uses the browser access point settings to access the internet. If the installation is started from the Nokia Store client, Smart Installer uses the access point used by the Nokia Store. In addition, the size of the download package is displayed to the user. Otherwise, no prompt is shown if WLAN is selected as the access point. For packet data connections, the user is always informed about the download size.

Smart Installer downloads the required packages from a server provided by Nokia at Because a data connection (such as WLAN, general packet radio service (GPRS), EDGE, or 3G) is used, transmission fees may apply and therefore, some costs may be incurred for the user.

If the required versions of Qt and the necessary components are already installed on the device, the amount of data downloaded from the server is some kilobytes (the latest Smart Installer, if one is available, and a few dependency definition files for the components involved). If all dependencies need to be installed, the amount of data to download is currently about 12 MB. For a summary of download package sizes, see Disk Space Requirements.