Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Downloading and Installing Dependencies

Smart Installer checks whether the required components (dependencies) are already installed on the device and downloads and installs or upgrades them, if needed. Information about the application's dependencies is extracted from the application .sis file, where each dependency is defined using the standard dependency statements as defined in the pkg file format. For Qt, the dependencies are automatically generated during the build process, but developers can manually adjust them as well.

Due to performance reasons, the Qt libraries are always installed to the C: drive of the device. Other packages can be installed to other drives. Therefore, the minimum free space required on the C: drive is about 11 MB (up to 15 MB, if QtWebkit and QtMobility are also needed). The free space requirements are larger than the combined package download size, because the S60 application installer temporarily requires some additional space. Smart Installer displays an error message if there is not enough free space available on the device. For more information, see Messages.

For other packages than Qt, Smart Installer chooses the next available drive if drive C: becomes full. The user cannot control where the packages are going to be installed. The process of determining the installation drive is automated to minimize the need for user interaction.

For more information about how much space each package consumes after installation, see Disk Space Requirements.