Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Disk Space Requirements

The following table shows how much space each package consumes after installation to the device at the time of publication.

The other packages except QtWebKit and QtMobility are the minimum set required for a Qt application to run in a Symbian device. For example, even though the Open C libraries are preinstalled in some Symbian devices, they still need to be updated to v1.7. Therefore, these numbers are a fair estimate of the required space.

The table also describes the dependencies currently installed by Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian. For an updated list, see Packages Distributed by Smart Installer.

Note: Qt 4.7 is not supported on S60 3rd Edition devices.

Package NameUIDVersionsDownload SizeSpace RequiredInstallation DriveDescription
OpenC STDCPP0x2000F8661.7.00.2 MB0.2 MB!:\Standard C++ library Common
OpenC SSL0x200110CB1.7.00.9 MB0.9 MB!:\Open C LIBSSL Common
OpenC PIPS0x200138511.7.51.0 MB1.0 MB!:\PIPS Installer
SQLite0x2002AF5F0.5.00.2 MB0.2 MBSQLite library
Symbian^3 Devices
Qt0x2001E61C4.7.36.6 MB6.7 MBC:\Qt libraries
QtWebKit0x200267C24.8.04.3 MB4.4 MBC:\Qt Webkit library
QtMobility0x2002AC891.1.31.8 MB1.8 MBC:\Qt Mobility library
Symbian^1 (S60 5th Edition) Devices
Qt0x2001E61C4.7.36.5 MB6.6 MBC:\Qt libraries
QtWebKit0x200267C24.7.33.9 MB4.0 MBC:\Qt Webkit library
QtMobility0x2002AC891.1.32.4 MB2.4 MBC:\Qt Mobility library
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 ja 2 Devices
Qt0x2001E61C4.6.35.8 MB5.9 MBC:\Qt libraries
QtWebKit0x200267C24.6.32.9 MB3.0 MBC:\Qt Webkit library
QtMobility0x2002AC891.0.21.0 MB1.0 MBC:\Qt Mobility library
Total for Qt excluding Qt Webkit11 to 10.8 MB11.2 to 11.3 MB
Total for Qt including Qt Webkit12 to 15.1 MB12.2 to 15.3 MB