Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual


Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian installs or updates application's dependencies such as Qt during the application installation. The application does not need to include the binaries of it's dependencies - the correct version is downloaded and updated automatically if needed. All Symbian applications published in the Nokia store need to have Nokia Smart Installer included.

Smart Installer has two components - Smart Installer Bootstrap and actual Smart Installer.

  • Smart Installer Bootstrap is a small component that is embedded with the application into a wrapper package. It installs the latest version of Smart Installer to the device if not yet installed.
  • Actual Smart Installer downloads and installs the libraries the application depends on.

Qt Creator can automatically create Smart Installer enabled packages. Up to date instructions on how to do this are found in Qt Creator Manual. The manual you are reading now contains instructions for those developers who prefer working with command line tools or want to know more about package creation internals.

A network connection is always required during installation. For a detailed description of network usage, see Accessing the Internet.

For information about supported Qt versions in different Nokia devices, see Packaging and signing in Nokia developer support pages.