Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Requirements for Publishing Applications to Nokia Store

The following requirements apply to all Qt applications for Symbian devices that you want to publish to Nokia Store:

  • All UIDs in the application must be from the protected range. To use Application Signing Services for Nokia Store, the UIDs must be assigned by the Nokia Publish support. UIDs for Symbian Signing must be obtained from Symbian Signed. For more information, see Guide to Publishing Qt Applications to the Nokia Store.
  • The UIDs of the main executable and the application .sis file must be the same and must match the one specified in the AppUID field of Nokia Publish. This ensures that the Nokia Store client launches the application when the application is installed on a device.
  • The localized and non-localized vendor information in the package file must match the publisher name. That is, it cannot be Nokia or simply Vendor or Vendor-EN.
  • The application must be built with a released Qt version (not a beta version).
  • The application installation package must be signed either by Nokia Publish, or by Symbian if any of the following capabilities are needed: AllFiles, DRM, TCB, CommDD, DiskAdmin, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD).
  • The application installation package must be properly packaged with the latest version of Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian.
  • The UID of the wrapper .sis must be UID 0x2002CCCF.
  • The application must be submitted to Nokia Publish as a Qt content item, not a Symbian content item.