Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Building Smart Installer Packages for Nokia Publish

This section describes how to create a Nokia Smart Installer wrapped .sis file for Nokia Publish from the Qt command line. It is assumed that you are already familiar with Qt build tools and the build process and you have done the steps listed in Preparing Applications for Nokia Store or Symbian Signed.

For more information about how to use Qt Creator to create Smart Installer packages, see Deploying Applications to Symbian Devices.

In the list below, Application is the target application name defined in the *.pro file.

  1. Open the command prompt from the Qt SDK menu. Pick the compilation target of your choice. For example, if you want to compile your application on top of the Symbian Belle release and Qt 4.7.4, open

    Start > Qt SDK > Symbian Belle Qt 4.7.4 > Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian Belle Command Prompt

  2. Change to the project directory. For example:

    cd C:\Sources\Application

  3. Build and sign the .sis file, and create the wrapper .sis file and sign it using the developer certificate provided by Nokia Store:

    C:\Sources\Application>make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=ovidevcert.cer QT_SIS_KEY=ovidevcert.key

    Note: Here, the key and certificate are located in the current folder. If they are located in another folder, specify the path as well as the filename.

Now the directory contains an application_installer.sis, which is the Smart Installer wrapped version of the application.sis. This sis file is now ready to be submitted to Nokia Publish service as Qt Content item.

Note: The above steps are sufficient if your application uses none of the following capability sets: AllFiles, DRM, TCB, CommDD, DiskAdmin, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD. If any of those capabilities if a must, first follow the instructions in Building Symbian Signed Smart Installer Packages to have the application Symbian Signed and then create the wrapper .sis package using the developer certificate provided by Nokia Store (as instructed above).