Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Creating Smart Installer Packages

Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is wrapped with the application .sis file to a wrapper .sis package. This is needed in order to ensure successful installation of the dependencies before the application is installed.

The publishing channel and the capabilities that the application requires determine what kind of packages you need to create:

  • Application Signing Services for Nokia Store signed packages to publish applications to Nokia Store. The signing process is a variant of the Symbian Signed certification provided by Nokia Publish. It is limited to the Basic and System capability sets. For a list of supported Nokia devices, see Devices Supported by Nokia Store.
  • Symbian Signed packages to publish applications to Nokia Store or other channels, regardless of the set of capabilities used.
  • Self-signed packages to publish applications that access only to the Basic capability set. Nokia Store does not accept self-signed packages.

The following sections describe how to package applications with Smart Installer from the Qt command line:

For more information about how to use Qt Creator to create Smart Installer packages, see Deploying Applications to Symbian Devices.