Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Building Self-signed Smart Installer Packages

This section explains how you can create a self-signed Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian wrapped .sis file. It is assumed that you are already familiar with Qt build tools and the build process.

You must use an UID from the unprotected UID range, provided by Symbian Signed, and the wrapper package UID value 0xA000D7CE. If you used the Qt Creator project wizard to create the project, this wrapper package UID is used by default.

In the list below, Application is the target application name defined in the .pro file.

  1. Open the command prompt from the Qt SDK menu. Pick the compilation target of your choice. For example, if you want to compile your application on top of the Symbian Belle release and Qt 4.7.4, open

    Start > Qt SDK > Symbian Belle Qt 4.7.4 > Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian Belle Command Prompt

  2. Switch to the project directory.
  3. Clean the project:

    C:\Sources\Application> make distclean

  4. Change the TARGET.UID3 file to the unprotected UID value provided by Symbian Signed.
  5. Check that the DEPLOYMENT.installer_header value in the project file is 0xA000D7CE.
  6. To invoke the qmake tool and build the application executable, enter the following command:

    C:\Sources\Application>qmake && make release-gcce

  7. To create the wrapper .sis file, enter the following command:

    C:\Sources\Application>make installer_sis

Now the directory contains a self-signed Application_installer.sis, which is the Smart Installer wrapped version of the Application.sis.