Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual

Devices Supported by Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian

From a purely technical perspective, the solution is designed to work with all Symbian 3.1 and later devices. The exceptions to this rule are listed in this section. Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian can be used to deploy any of the supported packages to any of the supported devices, provided that the application itself has been properly tested for compatibility.

Smart Installer checks with the server if the device is known and supported. This verification currently fails for non-Nokia devices.

There are known issues with Open C upgradeability on some devices. This makes Smart Installer unsuitable for deploying Qt or any other package that require an Open C upgrade. If a user tries to install Qt applications to these devices, the error note Device not supported is shown, and the installation is cancelled.

The following table lists devices that are known to have problems and are not supported by Smart Installer. For an up-to-date list, see Supported Devices.

DeviceIncompatible Firmware VersionsDescription
Nokia 6650 AT&T variantAllPIPS cannot be upgraded
Nokia N96AllNot supported by Qt