Plug & Paint Example

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#include "interfaces.h" #include "plugindialog.h" #include <QDir> #include <QGridLayout> #include <QHeaderView> #include <QLabel> #include <QPluginLoader> #include <QPushButton> #include <QStringList> #include <QTreeWidget> #include <QTreeWidgetItem> PluginDialog::PluginDialog(const QString &path, const QStringList &fileNames, QWidget *parent) : QDialog(parent), label(new QLabel), treeWidget(new QTreeWidget), okButton(new QPushButton(tr("OK"))) { treeWidget->setAlternatingRowColors(false); treeWidget->setSelectionMode(QAbstractItemView::NoSelection); treeWidget->setColumnCount(1); treeWidget->header()->hide(); okButton->setDefault(true); connect(okButton, &QAbstractButton::clicked, this, &QWidget::close); QGridLayout *mainLayout = new QGridLayout; mainLayout->setColumnStretch(0, 1); mainLayout->setColumnStretch(2, 1); mainLayout->addWidget(label, 0, 0, 1, 3); mainLayout->addWidget(treeWidget, 1, 0, 1, 3); mainLayout->addWidget(okButton, 2, 1); setLayout(mainLayout); interfaceIcon.addPixmap(style()->standardPixmap(QStyle::SP_DirOpenIcon), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On); interfaceIcon.addPixmap(style()->standardPixmap(QStyle::SP_DirClosedIcon), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::Off); featureIcon.addPixmap(style()->standardPixmap(QStyle::SP_FileIcon)); setWindowTitle(tr("Plugin Information")); findPlugins(path, fileNames); } void PluginDialog::findPlugins(const QString &path, const QStringList &fileNames) { label->setText(tr("Plug & Paint found the following plugins\n" "(looked in %1):") .arg(QDir::toNativeSeparators(path))); const QDir dir(path); const auto staticInstances = QPluginLoader::staticInstances(); for (QObject *plugin : staticInstances) populateTreeWidget(plugin, tr("%1 (Static Plugin)") .arg(plugin->metaObject()->className())); for (const QString &fileName : fileNames) { QPluginLoader loader(dir.absoluteFilePath(fileName)); QObject *plugin = loader.instance(); if (plugin) populateTreeWidget(plugin, fileName); } } void PluginDialog::populateTreeWidget(QObject *plugin, const QString &text) { auto pluginItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(treeWidget); pluginItem->setText(0, text); pluginItem->setExpanded(true); QFont boldFont = pluginItem->font(0); boldFont.setBold(true); pluginItem->setFont(0, boldFont); if (plugin) { auto iBrush = qobject_cast<BrushInterface *>(plugin); if (iBrush) addItems(pluginItem, "BrushInterface", iBrush->brushes()); auto iShape = qobject_cast<ShapeInterface *>(plugin); if (iShape) addItems(pluginItem, "ShapeInterface", iShape->shapes()); auto iFilter = qobject_cast<FilterInterface *>(plugin); if (iFilter) addItems(pluginItem, "FilterInterface", iFilter->filters()); } } void PluginDialog::addItems(QTreeWidgetItem *pluginItem, const char *interfaceName, const QStringList &features) { auto interfaceItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(pluginItem); interfaceItem->setText(0, interfaceName); interfaceItem->setIcon(0, interfaceIcon); for (QString feature : features) { if (feature.endsWith("...")) feature.chop(3); auto featureItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(interfaceItem); featureItem->setText(0, feature); featureItem->setIcon(0, featureIcon); } }