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Function Documentation

[since 6.2] void beginPropertyUpdateGroup()

Marks the beginning of a property update group. Inside this group, changing a property does neither immediately update any dependent properties nor does it trigger change notifications. Those are instead deferred until the group is ended by a call to endPropertyUpdateGroup.

Groups can be nested. In that case, the deferral ends only after the outermost group has been ended.

Note: Change notifications are only send after all property values affected by the group have been updated to their new values. This allows re-establishing a class invariant if multiple properties need to be updated, preventing any external observer from noticing an inconsistent state.

This function was introduced in Qt 6.2.

See also Qt::endPropertyUpdateGroup.

[since 6.2] void endPropertyUpdateGroup()

Ends a property update group. If the outermost group has been ended, and deferred binding evaluations and notifications happen now.

Warning: Calling endPropertyUpdateGroup without a preceding call to beginPropertyUpdateGroup results in undefined behavior.

This function was introduced in Qt 6.2.

See also Qt::beginPropertyUpdateGroup.

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