Deploy and Run the System UI

To deploy and run the System UI, you need to copy the built artefacts over to your Qt Application Manager Device and run it via the Qt Application Manager. For more details, see System Setup.

Deployment Settings

The deployment consists of two interdependent steps:

  • You need to specify the Deployment Method to Deploy to Remote Linux Host. The default settings for this Deployment Method consist of three steps: Check for free disc space, Stop already running application, and Upload files via SFTP.
  • Remove the second default step and leave only Check for free disc space, which is optional, and Upload files via SFTP.

The System UI will be deployed to the /tmp/ folder on the Qt Application Manager Device.

Run Settings

When running the System UI from within Qt Creator, the Qt Application Manager starts the System UI on the Qt Application Manager Device, from the Working directory specified. Set Run configuration to Custom Executable (on <Your Remote Linux Device Name>). To run System UI specify Remote executable to appman and provide the path to the Working directory where the System UI was deployed on the remote target.

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