Working with Effects in Qt Quick Effect Maker

The Qt Quick Effect Maker is a tool to create high-performance shader effects for Qt Quick.

You can import these effects to Qt Design Studio and you can run Qt Quick Effect Maker from Qt Design Studio.

Creating Effects

When you run Qt Quick Effect Maker, it starts with an empty project. To create your effect, add nodes to the node tree.

Consider the following things when creating effects:

  • Some nodes do not function alone, they need a helper node. For example, the FastBlur node needs a BlurHelper node and the Noise node needs a NoiseHelper node. If the node needs another node, it is mentioned in the node description.
  • If your effect appears cropped, you need to go to Edit > Project Settings and increase the item padding.

Creating a Blur Effect

To create a blur effect:

  1. Add a FastBlur node to the node tree.
  2. Add a BlurHelper node to the node tree. You need the BlurHelper node for all effects that contains a blur effect.

You can now select the FastBlur node and in the settings, change the fastBlurAmount value to control the amount of blur.

Adjusting Item Borders

The effect appears cropped. You need to adjust item borders:

  1. Select to display item borders.

  2. Go to Edit > Project Settings.
  3. Set the item padding for all sides to 100.

Now, you can see the complete blur effect.

See also Creating Qt Quick Effect Maker Files.

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