Qt Quick Studio Components

The Qt Quick Studio Components module provides sets of components and effects enhanced for creating animated UIs. The components inherit Qt Quick Shapes QML Types. The effects inherit the types in the Qt Graphical Effects module. For more information about the effects, see 2D Effects.

Using Studio Components

A set of ready-made studio components are available for creating differently shaped objects, such as arcs, pies, or triangles, as well as objects with particular abilities, such as being visibly flipped between their front and back sides, like a card. The studio components are built on top of Qt Quick Shapes QML Types, with some additional properties.

The following table summarizes the available studio components and contains links to their documentation.


An arc that ends at the specified position and uses the specified radius


A border drawn in four segments: left, top, right, and bottom


Provides a surface that can be flipped


A group item that gets its size from its children


An ISO 7000 icon


A pie


A filled rectangle with an optional border


A path defined using an SVG path data string


A triangle

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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