Detailed Description#

Implements OPC UA connectivity through a Qt API.

The Qt OPC UA module implements a Qt API to interact with OPC UA on top of a 3rd party OPC UA stack.

The stacks are integrated as plugins and can be selected at runtime. Currently, the following implementations are supported:

  • Open62541 v1.1, MPLv2

  • Unified Automation C++ SDK (UACpp), Commercial

The QML API is still in development but are available as a technology preview. This means those parts are unstable, likely to change, and provided as a convenience only.

Using the Module#


The QML types are available through the QtOpcUa import. To use the types, add the following import statement to your .qml file:

C++ API#

Using the C++ API requires linking against the module library, either directly or through other dependencies. Several build tools have dedicated support for this, including CMake and qmake.

Building with CMake#

Use the find_package() command to locate the needed module components in the Qt6 package:

find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS OpcUa)
target_link_libraries(mytarget Qt::OpcUa)

Building with qmake#

To configure the module for building with qmake, add the module as a value of the QT variable in the project’s .pro file:

QT += opcua

Articles and Guides#

  • Overview

  • Using the OpenSSL Dependency for GDS Support

  • Building Qt OPC UA Open62541 Plugin

  • Building Qt OPC UA UACPP Plugin

  • OPC UA at the OPC foundation



The module also provides QML types .

List of Classes#