Model-View Client#

This is the client-side application that accompanies the Model-View Server .

This example showcases how to make a very simple client program which displays the content and changes made on a server.

node = QRemoteObjectNode(QUrl(QStringLiteral("local:registry")))

We start by creating a QRemoteObjectNode and connecting it to a registry found on the local machine. We also set a heartbeat interval . The heartbeat is useful to detect if the connection to the Source has been disrupted. In this case, since all the traffic is local, it would detect when the server has been closed.

model = QScopedPointer(node.acquireModel(QStringLiteral("RemoteModel")))

We then acquire the model which contains all of our data. In this case, we’re looking to acquire a model named RemoteModel from the remote object network we are connected to.

view = QTreeView()

And finally, we display the model in a very basic application.

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