Trivial Wizard Example#

The Trivial Wizard example illustrates how to create a linear three-page registration wizard using three instances of QWizardPage and one instance of QWizard .


Introduction Page#


The introduction page is created with the createIntroPage() function where a QWizardPage is created and its title is set to “Introduction”. A QLabel is used to hold the description of page. A QVBoxLayout is used to hold the label. This page is returned when the createIntroPage() function is called.

createIntroPage = QWizardPage()

    page = QWizardPage()
    label = QLabel("This wizard will help you register your copy "()
                               "of Super Product Two.")
    layout = QVBoxLayout()
    return page

Registration Page#


The registration page is created with the createRegistrationPage() function. QLineEdit objects are used to allow the user to input a name and an e-mail address. A QGridLayout is used to hold the QLabel and QLineEdit objects.

createRegistrationPage = QWizardPage()

Conclusion Page#


The conclusion page is created in the createConclusionPage() function. This function’s content is similar to createIntroPage(). A QLabel is used to inform the user that the registration process has completed successfully.

createConclusionPage = QWizardPage()

`` main()``


The main() function instantiates a QWizard object, wizard, and adds all three QWizardPage objects to it. The wizard window title is set to “Trivial Wizard” and its show() function is invoked to display it.

if __name__ == "__main__":

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