Provides access to OpenGL functions for a specified version and profile. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtOpenGL.QOpenGLVersionFunctionsFactory


Static functions#

  • def get ([versionProfile=QOpenGLVersionProfile()[, context=None]])

Detailed Description#

class PySide6.QtOpenGL.QOpenGLVersionFunctionsFactory#
static PySide6.QtOpenGL.QOpenGLVersionFunctionsFactory.get([versionProfile=QOpenGLVersionProfile()[, context=None]])#
Return type


Returns a pointer to an object that provides access to all functions for the versionProfile of the context. There is no need to call QAbstractOpenGLFunctions::initializeOpenGLFunctions() as long as the context is current. It is also possible to call this function when the context is not current, but in that case it is the caller’s responsibility to ensure proper initialization by calling QAbstractOpenGLFunctions::initializeOpenGLFunctions() afterwards.

Usually one would use the template version of this function to automatically have the result cast to the correct type.