Communication channel between the C++ QWebChannel server and a HTML/JS client. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtWebChannel.QWebChannelAbstractTransport

Detailed Description#

Users of the QWebChannel must implement this interface and connect instances of it to the QWebChannel server for every client that should be connected to the QWebChannel . The Qt WebChannel Standalone Example shows how this can be done using Qt WebSockets .


The JSON message protocol is considered internal and might change over time.

See also

Qt WebChannel Standalone Example

class PySide6.QtWebChannel.QWebChannelAbstractTransport([parent=None])#


Constructs a transport object with the given parent.

PySide6.QtWebChannel.QWebChannelAbstractTransport.messageReceived(message, transport)#

This signal must be emitted when a new JSON message was received from the remote client. The transport argument should be set to this transport object.

abstract PySide6.QtWebChannel.QWebChannelAbstractTransport.sendMessage(message)#


Sends a JSON message to the remote client. An implementation would serialize the message and transmit it to the remote JavaScript client.