This class is used to associate extra information to the class, which is available using QObject.metaObject(). Qt and PySide doesn’t use this information.

The extra information takes the form of a dictionary with key and value in a literal string.

The recommended usage is to provide the key/value using python keyword syntax, where the keyword becomes the key, and the provided string becomes the value.

If the key needs to contain special characters (spaces, commas, ‘::’, start with a number, etc), it is also possible to pass a python dictionary with arbitrary strings for both the key and value and enabling special characters in the key.


This Class is a implementation of Q_CLASSINFO macro.


# Recommended syntax
@ClassInfo(Author='PySide Team', URL='')
class MyObject(QObject):

# Provided to support keys not supported by Python's keyword syntax
@ClassInfo({'Some key text $': 'This syntax supports special characters in keys'})
class MyObject(QObject):