class QDomDocumentFragment#

The QDomDocumentFragment class is a tree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete QDomDocument . More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtXml.QDomDocumentFragment




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Detailed Description#

If you want to do complex tree operations it is useful to have a lightweight class to store nodes and their relations. QDomDocumentFragment stores a subtree of a document which does not necessarily represent a well-formed XML document.

QDomDocumentFragment is also useful if you want to group several nodes in a list and insert them all together as children of some node. In these cases QDomDocumentFragment can be used as a temporary container for this list of children.

The most important feature of QDomDocumentFragment is that it is treated in a special way by insertAfter() , insertBefore() , replaceChild() and appendChild() : instead of inserting the fragment itself, all the fragment’s children are inserted.


Constructs an empty document fragment.



Constructs a copy of x.

The data of the copy is shared (shallow copy): modifying one node will also change the other. If you want to make a deep copy, use cloneNode() .