Create Your First Applications#

Creating Qt applications.

Learn the basics of Qt and Qt Quick development by following the tutorials that illustrate how to use Qt Creator or Qt Design Studio to create simple applications and build and run them on target platforms:

To Develop With



Qt Widgets

Qt Widgets Examples

Qt Quick

Qt Quick Examples and Tutorials


Qt for Python Tutorials

Qt for Python Examples

For a more thorough walkthrough of the different aspects of developing applications with Qt 6, see the Qt 6 QML Book . It focuses on Qt Quick, but also provides the information needed to use QML together with C++.

The following tutorials illustrate how to use Qt Creator or Qt Design Studio to develop simple applications for a particular platform:

To view a list of all Qt examples, see All Qt Examples .

You can follow the learning paths and tutorials on to learn more about how to create Qt applications:

If you’d rather develop with Microsoft Visual Studio, you can install Qt VS Tools directly from Visual Studio.


Add your project build directory to the list of excluded directories of any anti-virus application that runs on your system.

Now, we’d like to send you off on your journey to Explore Qt .