Simple Anchor Layout Example#

Demonstrates anchor layout on a graphics view scene.

The Simple Anchor Layout example shows the basic use of the QGraphicsAnchorLayout class.


The example starts by creating a QGraphicsScene (scene), 3 widgets (a, b, and c), and a QGraphicsAnchorlayout (layout).

First it anchors the top left corner of item a to the top left corner of layout. This can be done in two steps:

Or in one step:

Then the right anchor of a is anchored to the left anchor of b, and the top of item b is anchored to the bottom of a.

Place a third widget c under widget b:

Items b and c are anchored to each other horizontally:

Item c is anchored to the bottom right point of layout

Finally, QGraphicsWidget w is displayed in QGraphicsView view.

Example project @