Changes to Qt Test#

Touch-related functionality changes.

Qt 6 is a result of the conscious effort to make the framework more efficient and easy to use.

We try to maintain binary and source compatibility for all the public APIs in each release. But some changes were inevitable in an effort to make Qt a better framework.

In this topic we summarize those changes in Qt Test, and provide guidance to handle them.

The QTouchEventSequence class#

QTouchEventSequence functions taking a QWidget parameter has been moved to a new class: QTest::QTouchEventWidgetSequence. The list of affected functions is as follows:

  • press (int touchId, const QPoint &pt, QWidget *widget)

  • move (int touchId, const QPoint &pt, QWidget *widget)

  • release (int touchId, const QPoint &pt, QWidget *widget)

On that same note, the overload of touchEvent() taking a QWidget parameter has been changed to return a QTouchEventWidgetSequence object.