Creating Files

You can use file templates to add the following types of files to projects by selecting Project > Add New Item > Installed > Visual C++ > Qt:

  • Qt Dialog Form File (Button Bottom) adds a dialog with OK and Cancel buttons at its bottom to a Qt Widgets Application project.
  • Qt Dialog Form File (Button Right) adds a dialog with buttons at its right edge to a Qt Widgets Application project.
  • Qt MainWindow Form File adds a form file to a Qt Widgets Application project.
  • Qt QML File adds a custom QML type to a Qt Quick Application project.
  • Qt QML Module Definition adds a qmldir file that specifies the custom QML types used in a Qt Quick Application project.
  • Qt Resource File adds a Qt resource file (.qrc) to an application project.
  • Qt Widget Class adds a Qt Widgets class to a Qt Widgets application project.

The following sections describe how to add different types of files to projects:

The application tutorials contain examples of using file templates to add files to projects:

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