Boot to Qt Glossary

Boot to Qt Software Stack A full software stack for embedded Linux systems that will be installed into target devices. The software stack can be used for development, debugging, and testing purposes, and it aims to demonstrate wide range of features in Qt.
Cross-compilation toolchain A collection of software development tools that run on one architecture and allow you to develop software for a targeted architecture. For more information, see Yocto Manual.
Host platform A desktop platform where Qt and the development tools are installed.
Maintenance Tool Maintenance Tool is installed under the Qt installation directory when you download Qt deliveries via the Qt online installer. With Maintenance Tool, you can add components and update or remove installed components.
QBSP Qt Board Support Package is an extension to the Qt online installer using Qt Installer Framework. With QBSP, you can deliver and install additional content that is not directly available from the Qt online installer. By default, the QBSPs created with Boot to Qt contain contain system images, cross-compilation toolchain, and Qt Creator integration.
Qt online installer With the installer, you can install Qt versions and components. The installer is available via Qt Account Downloads. In Product, select Qt Online Installer to see the available versions for different host platforms.
System image A binary image containing Boot to Qt Software Stack that can be flashed to the target device.
Target device Embedded hardware where Boot to Qt Software Stack is running.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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