Neptune 3 UI - General Settings App

In Neptune 3, an application called "com.pelagicore.apps.settings" is pre-installed allowing the users to have their own preferences, such as languages, themes and colors.

Languages Settings

Settings application contains a language settings menu that allows the user to set the global language used in Neptune 3 UI.

Neptune 3 UI supports following languages:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Czech Language
  • German Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Chinese Language
  • Korean Language
  • Arabic

Users don't need to restart the UI to make the UI layout change from "left-to-right" to "right-to-left" and vice versa when switching between Arabic and other supported languages.

Date and Time Settings

Settings application contains a date and time settings menu that allows the user to set the time format and time zone.

Themes Settings

Neptune 3 UI supports two type of themes - dark and light. By default, dark theme is used. The user can switch between dark and light themes in the Settings App.

The images below show how the light theme looks like:

Accent Color Settings

Neptune 3 UI provides eight options of color to be used as the accent color. The default color is green, as shown on the image below:

The following images show how it looks when the accent color is being changed.

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