Neptune 3 UI - Systemd Service Settings

There are three sections in Neptune 3 UI service file:

  • [Unit]
  • [Service]
  • [Install]

[Unit] Section

This section describes the service itself, including dependencies and/or conflicts, as well as loading order.

The section consists of a number of variables, as follows:

Description=Neptune3-UIService description displayed by system tools
After=dbus.service dbus-session@root.service systemd-user-sessions.service ivi-services.targetLoading order (After=dbus.service). It means that Neptune 3 UI systemd Service will be loaded after dbus.service. Then goes dbus user session (there are two sessions - user and system session), and a number of services providing data for Neptune 3 UI ( dbus-session@root.serviceTells that and dbus user session are in direct dependence.
Conflicts=neptune-qsr.service Before=neptune-qsr.service OnFailure=neptune-qsr.serviceThese variables describe the startup behavior: first, neptune3-ui starts, then it conflicts with QSR Content app. Also, those variables mean that QSR content app should start, if neptune3-ui crashes. It could be just {conflicts}, but in this case systemd does not wait for complete shut down of Neptune 3 UI and shuts down both of the services.

[Service] Section

This section describes, how the service starts up and what parameters are used for that.

User=rootStart as a root user (administrator in linux/unix).
ExecStart=/opt/neptune3/neptune3-ui -r --dbus session -c am-config-neptune.yamlSevice startup command.
WorkingDirectory=/opt/neptune3Catalog, to which systemd switches to before service is started.
EnvironmentFile=/etc/default/qtEnvironment variables are loaded from the file in format Variable=value
Environment=AM_STARTUP_TIMER=1When set to "1", this variable enables measuring of time needed to start up the Neptune 3 UI. In this case, the measured time value is displayed in the system menu. When set to "0", the measuring of time needed to start up the Neptune 3 UI is turned off, and is not displayed in the system menu.
Environment=QT_QPA_EGLFS_HIDECURSOR=1This variable manages visibility of mouse cursor: when set to "1" mouse cursor is hidden, when set to "0" it is visible.

[Install] Section

In this section it's determined, how the service file will be installed.

WantedBy=multi-user.targetIn this use case the service file is a part of multi-user system target. That's why it will be installed as one of dependencies.

Note: In any case of changes in .service file, it's necessary to run systemctl daemon-reload, otherwise systemd will not reload the file changes and will use the old file.

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