XML Examples

XML parsing and handling is supported through SAX and DOM compliant APIs as well as streaming classes.

DOM Bookmarks Example

Provides a reader for XML Bookmark Exchange Language files

QXmlStream Bookmarks Example

Demonstrates how to read and write to XBEL files

XML Stream Lint Example

A commandline tool reading from an input file and writing to the standard output file


The XQuery/XPath and XML Schema engines in the Qt XML Patterns module provide classes for querying XML files and custom data models.

C++ Source Code Analyzer Example

Using XQuery and the xmlpatterns command line utility to query C++ source code

File System Example

Using Qt XML Patterns for querying non-XML data that is modeled to look like XML

Recipes Example

Using Qt XML Patterns to query XML data loaded from a file

XML Schema Validation Example

Using Qt XML Patterns to validate XML with a W3C XML Schema

Examples marked with an asterisk (*) are fully documented.

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