Zoom Line Example

The example shows how to create your own custom zooming effect.

The example shows how to create your own custom zooming effect with QRubberBand by using a mouse and how to use touch gestures for paning and zooming.

Running the Example

To run the example from Qt Creator, open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.

Customizing Zooming Effects

Let's first create a line series with some example data.

    QLineSeries *series = new QLineSeries();
    for (int i = 0; i < 500; i++) {
        QPointF p((qreal) i, qSin(M_PI / 50 * i) * 100);
        p.ry() += QRandomGenerator::global()->bounded(20);
        *series << p;

Then we create a custom chart view by deriving from QChartView:

class ChartView : public QChartView

We override mouse and key event handling

    bool viewportEvent(QEvent *event);
    void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
    void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
    void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event);
    void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *event);

Then we implement a custom logic for mouse and key events. For example pressing the '+' key will zoom in and pressing the '-' key will zoom out.

void ChartView::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *event)
    switch (event->key()) {
    case Qt::Key_Plus:
    case Qt::Key_Minus:

We also create our own QChart:

class Chart : public QChart

Where we can handle the gestures:

bool Chart::sceneEvent(QEvent *event)
    if (event->type() == QEvent::Gesture)
        return gestureEvent(static_cast<QGestureEvent *>(event));
    return QChart::event(event);

bool Chart::gestureEvent(QGestureEvent *event)
    if (QGesture *gesture = event->gesture(Qt::PanGesture)) {
        QPanGesture *pan = static_cast<QPanGesture *>(gesture);
        QChart::scroll(-(pan->delta().x()), pan->delta().y());

    if (QGesture *gesture = event->gesture(Qt::PinchGesture)) {
        QPinchGesture *pinch = static_cast<QPinchGesture *>(gesture);
        if (pinch->changeFlags() & QPinchGesture::ScaleFactorChanged)

    return true;

Note that you will need to call grabGesture() to both QMainWindow and QChart.

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