qt5_add_translation(<VAR> file1.ts [file2.ts ...]
                    [OPTIONS ...])


Calls lrelease on each .ts file passed as an argument, generating .qm files. The paths of the generated files are added to <VAR>.


You can set additional OPTIONS that should be passed when lrelease is invoked. You can find possible options in the lrelease documentation.

By default, the qm files will be placed in the root level of the build directory. To change this, you can set OUTPUT_LOCATION as a property of the source .ts file.


Generating helloworld_en.qm, helloworld_de.qm in the build directory:

qt5_add_translation(qmFiles helloworld_en.ts helloworld_de.ts)

Generating helloworld_en.qm, helloworld_de.qm in a l10n sub-directory:

set(TS_FILES helloworld_en.ts helloworld_de.ts)
set_source_files_properties(${TS_FILES} PROPERTIES OUTPUT_LOCATION "l10n")
qt5_add_translation(qmFiles ${TS_FILES})

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