Qt Quick System Dialog Examples

This example demonstrates the system dialog types in QML.

This example demonstrates the system dialogs in the Qt Quick Dialogs module. The appearance and behavior is platform-dependent.

A FileDialog is used to choose a single file, multiple files or a single directory, depending on how it is configured.

FileDialog {
    id: fileDialog
    visible: fileDialogVisible.checked
    modality: fileDialogModal.checked ? Qt.WindowModal : Qt.NonModal
    title: fileDialogSelectFolder.checked ? "Choose a folder" :
        (fileDialogSelectMultiple.checked ? "Choose some files" : "Choose a file")
    selectExisting: fileDialogSelectExisting.checked
    selectMultiple: fileDialogSelectMultiple.checked
    selectFolder: fileDialogSelectFolder.checked
    nameFilters: [ "Image files (*.png *.jpg)", "All files (*)" ]
    selectedNameFilter: "All files (*)"
    sidebarVisible: fileDialogSidebarVisible.checked
    onAccepted: {
        console.log("Accepted: " + fileUrls)
        if (fileDialogOpenFiles.checked)
            for (var i = 0; i < fileUrls.length; ++i)
    onRejected: { console.log("Rejected") }

A ColorDialog is used to choose a color, with or without alpha (transparency) depending on how it is configured.

ColorDialog {
    id: colorDialog
    visible: colorDialogVisible.checked
    modality: colorDialogModal.checked ? Qt.WindowModal : Qt.NonModal
    title: "Choose a color"
    color: "green"
    showAlphaChannel: colorDialogAlpha.checked
    onAccepted: { console.log("Accepted: " + color) }
    onRejected: { console.log("Rejected") }

The example can be built as a standalone executable, but each type of dialog is demonstrated in a separate QML file which can also be run separately with qmlscene.

Example project @ code.qt.io

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