Qt Sensors - Accel Bubble

The AccelBubble example demonstrates the Accelerometer QML type.


Writing a QML application that uses the Accelerometer QML sensors type requires the following steps:

Import the Sensors Declarative module.

 import QtSensors 5.0

Add an Accelerometer QML type.

     Accelerometer {
         id: accel
         dataRate: 100

Use the 'active' property to start the sensor


Move the bubble according to a factor of the accelerator sensor

         onReadingChanged: {
             var newX = (bubble.x + calcRoll(accel.reading.x, accel.reading.y, accel.reading.z) * .1)
             var newY = (bubble.y - calcPitch(accel.reading.x, accel.reading.y, accel.reading.z) * .1)

             if (isNaN(newX) || isNaN(newY))

             if (newX < 0)
                 newX = 0

             if (newX > mainWindow.width - bubble.width)
                 newX = mainWindow.width - bubble.width

             if (newY < 18)
                 newY = 18

             if (newY > mainWindow.height - bubble.height)
                 newY = mainWindow.height - bubble.height

                 bubble.x = newX
                 bubble.y = newY

Example project @ code.qt.io

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