Dir View Example

This example demonstrates the usage of a tree view, and smooth flicking on a touchscreen.

The Dir View example shows a tree view of the local file system. It uses the QFileSystemModel class to provide file and directory information.

    QCommandLineParser parser;
    parser.setApplicationDescription("Qt Dir View Example");
    QCommandLineOption dontUseCustomDirectoryIconsOption("c", "Set QFileSystemModel::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons");
    QCommandLineOption dontWatchOption("w", "Set QFileSystemModel::DontWatch");
    parser.addPositionalArgument("directory", "The directory to start in.");
    const QString rootPath = parser.positionalArguments().isEmpty()

The example supports a number of command line options. These options include:

  • Application description
  • -help option
  • -version option
  • if the optionc {-c} is specified, the application will not use custom directory options
    QFileSystemModel model;
    if (parser.isSet(dontUseCustomDirectoryIconsOption))
    if (parser.isSet(dontWatchOption))
    QTreeView tree;

Declares model as data model for reading the local filesystem. model.setRootPath("") sets the current folder as the folder from which model will start reading. QTreeView object tree visualizes the filesystem in a tree structure.

    const QSize availableSize = tree.screen()->availableGeometry().size();
    tree.resize(availableSize / 2);
    tree.setColumnWidth(0, tree.width() / 3);

Sets layout options for animation, indentation, sorting, and sizing of the filesystem tree.

    QScroller::grabGesture(&tree, QScroller::TouchGesture);

Creates a QScroller instance to recognize gestures on touchscreens, so that you can flick the tree view with your finger.

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