Qt for Linux/X11 - Specific Issues

This page contains information about the X11 platforms Qt is currently known to run on, with links to platform-specific notes.


There are no known problems with using Qt on production versions of Linux/x86, Linux/ppc, Linux/amd64 and Linux/ia64 (including Altix(R)).

For information about the specific compilers supported, visit the supported platforms page.

Installation problems

Installing the source (.tgz) will likely conflict with the Qt version from your Linux distribution. This can result in link errors, such as:

undefined reference to '_vt.11QPushButton'

This is solved by removing the older version of the library.

If you have problems installing open source versions of Qt provided by your Linux distribution, for example, from RPM or APT repositories, please consult the maintainers of the distribution.

Some RPM versions have problems installing some of the Qt RPM archives where installation stops with an error message warning about a Failed Dependency. Use the --nodeps option of rpm as workaround this problem.

Intel C++ Compiler for Linux

Qt can be compiled with the Intel C++ compile for Linux, though, this configuration is not tested on a regular basis.

Known Issues with Intel C++ Compiler for Linux

  • Precompiled header support does not work in version 10.0.025 and older. For these compilers, you should configure Qt with -no-pch. Precompiled header support works properly in version 10.0.026 and later.
  • Version 10.0.026 for Intel 64 is known to miscompile qmake when building in release mode. For now, configure Qt with -debug. Version 10.1.008 and later can compile qmake in release mode.
  • Versions 10.1.008 to 10.1.015 for both IA-32 and Intel 64 are known crash with "(0): internal error: 0_47021" when compiling Qt XML Patterns and Qt Designer in release mode. Version 10.1.017 compiles these modules correctly in release mode.

Known Issues with GCC Compilers

Building Qt with certain versions of GCC has the following known issues:

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